An Adventure, An Epic Battle, A Metaphor, And A Door

The Wonder Hub, the Monkey and I got up early last Saturday morning and headed west. Inspired by a step-by-step project described in our May, 2011 This Old House magazine, we were in search of an old door that might be turned into a headboard. After many months of dreaming, our search took us here:

The Monkey, like any respectable teenager, remained passed out in the back of the Suburban, but the WH and I were hot on the trail of an adventure. I fired up my handy-dandy new Nikon to record said adventure for you.

The flash wouldn’t pop up, but I didn’t let that stop me.

I’d yet to have a lesson, but I determined to do my best.

For you.

Did I mention it was early in the morning?

(Yes, I’m making excuses. Just in case Bobbi comes by.)

I stepped through this door..


..and into a magical world. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but there was something. It was almost as if we had stepped out of time.

The first thing I laid eyes on was a table chock-full of dowels.

I stood and stared, understanding that it was the magic of possibility I was feeling. Then I heard it. My name being whispered. The soft lilt of a southern drawl turned my name into a song. I shifted slowly to the right and saw her.


She asked me to take her home. She was beguiling, and oh-so persuasive. I did my best to make her understand that I had no idea what to do with her; no clear concept of how to treat her right.

Even still, she pleaded with me.

I let her down gently as I could, and left her quietly sobbing, ladylike to the end. I was distracted from her tears by a quiet clamor to my left.

The antique tin ceiling tiles were calling out to me like adorable children requiring attention.

The ceramic door knobs beckoned sweetly.

The hinges, each a magnetic personality, drew me toward themselves.

The stained-glass windows, they enchanted me…

only to be outdone by the seduction of this gorgeous frame.

Dizzy from the spell of honeyed words being called out from all around, I wandered to the far side of the stained-glass display, where I found this beautiful, no-nonsense sink. He declared his need for me, and mine for him.

Placating the sink with attention from my camera, my fickle eye was drawn to something just beyond. Quietly, so as not to let him know what I was doing, I zoomed in and found..

a claw-footed, red-bottomed, cast iron tub in the process of being refinished. Fearful my restraint was nearing its end, I dared go no closer.

And all the while, this charming cabinet coaxed. She knew I was weary, that my will was weak.

She pledged me her fidelity. She assured me that, being already dusty, she would fit right in at my home. She sensed that I was near defeat, and whispered tales of sweet adventures we might share…if only..

I shook off the web of enchantment being woven around me by the inhabitants of this strange land, and it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t seen the Wonder Hub since we entered the building. Was he trapped, too? How would we ever escape?

What on earth could that man be doing?

I heard some noise coming from behind a staircase. Having regained my senses, I told him not to mess with me. I would not be taking him home. As I held my ground, I heard more noise, like something heavy being dragged across the concrete floor. It was coming from the only wall I hadn’t yet explored.

Peeking around the subdued staircase, I found him…

looking at doors.

Oh! Doors!

He seemed to be focused on the job at hand, so I didn’t bother bothering him.

Knowing my Wonder Hub, he’d been hard at it the whole time I was wandering aimlessly around the warehouse.

Yes, I realize this is a metaphor for our life together.

Isn’t that the point of marriage, though?

Each person has different strengths and weaknesses, and each allows the other to focus on his or her strengths, rather than wasting time in a futile effort to be someone other than who we are.

The Wonder Hub’s strength = focusing intently

My strength = wandering aimlessly

By focusing on our strengths, I was able to, you know, wander aimlessly, and the Wonder Hub was able to narrow our search down from one billion doors to three doors.

Which I will now present to you.

Door Number One:


Door Number Two

Door Number Three

The Wonder Hub did his job well. In the end, one of these doors spoke sweet-nothings we couldn’t resist, and so we took (her? him?) home.

This particular adventure is just beginning, but one fact remains: The Wonder Hub will never know how I spent my time being wooed, fighting seduction and fleeing temptation as I waged an epic battle with the inhabitants of this enchanted world.

19 thoughts on “An Adventure, An Epic Battle, A Metaphor, And A Door

  1. Until WH reads your blog? :) Thanks for letting me shop along for free! Maybe I should do all my shopping vicariously…

    • He’ll read it, Beth. Then he’ll roll his eyes and give me a little smile…but he’ll never truly *know,* you know?

  2. If this door were German it would be a she (Die Tuer).
    When I am married to my rich husband, who is not a morning person, I will have a nursery with stained glass windows. I have decided this :)

    • Die Tür, right? I like it, she’s definitely a she.

      As always, you are a genius, Fräulein Jessy. Non-morning husband, stained-glass windows in the nursery. I hope I’m near enough to come hold the baby.

  3. So which one DID you choose? I like door #1 also! Looks like somewhere I would enjoy shopping, too!

  4. Whenever you post of your shoppng, or wandering aimlessly I am always sad Iive in such a tiny isolated state that had NOTHING like that place even close nearby!

    By the way you know how much I love metaphors, a great one!

    • Thank you for noticing my metaphor!

      I just bet that your little corner of the world has many cool places like this…maybe you could just grab an old door the next time you visit the farm?

  5. one note of encouragement: almost ALL of these are in focus!

    one question: did you upload gigantic photos, because after 10 minutes my computer was still spinning to fully reveal the first one?

    first world, new camera owner problems :)

  6. I love that you call him the Wonder Hub.


    YOU MUST GO BACK AND GET THE BOAT DOOR. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! Ugh….my heart broke when you didn’t get that door….if you had gotten it I would have turned it on it’s back (?) and slept in it. Hoping we can get together soon!!!

  7. Karen, So glad you enjoyed your time with us at AOHP. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product and hoping to see you again sometime soon. And for the record, I think you chose the best door! Regards, Valentina

  8. Clicked over here from Random Thursday…great post! Your metaphor is our life – Fab Hub stays focused on the reason we went somewhere, I wander around distractedly whining about how much longer will it take him to produce the solution. It’s a good gig, really. :) Oh, and the door is sweet.

    • Hey, thanks! Isn’t it funny when you’re writing–with no clue as to where you’re headed–and suddenly, BAM!

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