What’s in the Box, Karen?


I’m keeping it at a distance, because it’s a wee bit overwhelming. A tad scary. A smidgen paralyzing, if truth be told.

It weighs 25 pounds, for Pete’s sake.

So, what is in that there box?


I don’t know! I’m too scared to open it!

(Keepin’ it real note: check out the dust on my dang wood floors.)

Okay, really. The box contains…

(drum roll?)



The box contains books.


The books were sent to me by the East West School of Planetary Herbology. As soon as I muster up the guts to open the box, I will begin a three-year endeavor to earn certification as an East West Clinical Herbalist.

And you know what? I’m skeered.

But I’m also really, really excited.