Karen vs. Crafting: Upholstery Edition

It all started with one tiny, innocent question.


One tiny, innocent question which led to a veritable firestorm of advice and admonishment.

(p.s. I get a kick out of admonishment)


FYI: @bigkb01 is my realtor. What she says goes.
@bobbigaukel is my graphic artist (she designed my blog banner!). What she says goes.


Also: Color story? Who knew?


@mimyselfani chimes in (sigh), but I manage to distract the naysayers with homemade pizza. Score one point for me! Maybe, just maybe, I can get someone over here to do this thing for me..



Or maybe not.

Shot down by @marydene1 and her cough tough love cough, I retreat to my pouting corner to stew on things. I could totally do this. I’ll show them!

But I don’t wannnnnna do the crafty thing. I’m not crafty. (insert foot stomp) I’m not. I’m not. I’m not!

But I could. I totally could. Some fabric and a staple gun is all it would take…

But picking out the fabric. Ugh. And cutting it (correctly). And stapling it on the chairs in a non-wonky fashion…

You crafty people just don’t understand. The opportunities for me to screw this up are nearly boundless. You just have no idea what it’s like to be me. You have no idea..the agony, the misery, the suffering…

Oh the suffering!

And then it hit me. I can do this! I can so totally conquer this bad boy. Oh, yes I can.

Just watch me.





How’s that for color story??


It is with great joy that I tell you:

Karen 2: Crafting 1