The Quiche With No Name

Because this one is dumb:

Quiche made with sausage, spinach, cheese and salsa, on a tater-tot crust

So. I have a quiche secret. It’s one I’ll share, because I’m cool like that. The quiche secret is….(drumroll)……

Two and a half cups liquid (eggs plus milk or eggs plus 1/2 & 1/2) and four cups filling, plus cheese.

That’s it! That’s all. If you use this formula, you can’t go wrong.

2 1/2 cups liquid
4 cups filling

Now, to the details.

1. The crust. Aaah, the crust. This is the kicker, my friends. Dump a couple cups of (thawed) Tater Tots or Crispy Crowns into a bowl. Add some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Stir. Dump them into your pie plate(s) and smash them down as much as you can to cover its bottom and sides. Bake for ten minutes at 350.

2. The liquid. Some people use four eggs and one cup milk. I prefer to use six eggs plus one half cup milk. When I make quiche, heck, when I make anything, my singular goal is to fill. people. up. Whatever your goal, either combo will work.

3. The filling. Use any combo you see fit. I’m not sure my “I’ll hide the (fresh baby) spinach under a half pound of sausage” ploy is a nutritionally sound one, but that’s what I do. I brown the sausage slowly in a pan before dumping it into a colander for rinsing. I put the pan immediately back on the stove top and add sliced mushrooms/bell pepper/onion. When I’m happy with the way that smells, I add a bunch of baby spinach. The grease remaining from the sausage makes for a fabulous sauté.

When the spinach is just wilted, dump in the beaten egg/milk mixture and your cheese of choice. Mix it with the filling quickly and then dump it all into your pie plate.

4. Cheese. It’s glorious! Don’t forget the cheese! Feta is fabulous with spinach. Any ‘ol three-cheese Mexican blend will work, though.

Throw it all in the oven at 375 and bake for 35-45 minutes, until center is set.

Voila! Dinner!

Notes on The Quiche with No Name:

  • I like to add salsa to quiche. If you do, be careful, as it adds to both your liquid and your filling totals. Too much salsa can cause your quiche to never, ever set.
  • If you have ever made Ree’s Crash Hot Potatoes, you’ll understand completely why my eyes are in the back of my head right now. Glory.
  • Using leftover Crash Hot Potatoes for the crust of your quiche, especially leftover Crash Hot Potatoes made with fresh rosemary, will make your people crown you with laurel and dance around you while singing and throwing roses at your feet.
  • Charlotte did it first. She’s a flipping genius.
  • If you have “A Horse With No Name” playing in your head, you’re not alone.


8 thoughts on “The Quiche With No Name

  1. I will definately try this. It will be interesting to see what my fam thinks of it. They love the quiche I make now, so it’s a good experiment!

  2. I always use 1/2 and 1/2 in my quiche. I love to put gouda, bacon and onions in them. Yours sounds great.

  3. i don’t know about the horse (and yes, it started playing in my head the minute i read your title) but the quiche with no name deserves a name. Tater Tot Quiche works, but maybe something with a little more snap. Kick Ass Quiche? If you’re squeamish about the swear word and want some fame and glory, you could do Karen’s Kick Ass Quiche.

    Apparently the swear word is a necessity. I just can’t shake it.

    • I like it! And truly, with all my heart, ass is not a swear word. It can be a noun, whether in regard to a donkey or a human hiney. In your suggestion above, it is (in addition to being a metaphorical figure of speech– my quiche has done no kicking) an adjective denoting the fact that my quiche is superior to other quiches.

      Now I dare you to make it.

  4. That’s the same proportions I do for my quiches, but I usually throw 1/2 cup of gluten-free flour in so they hold together a little and skip the crust. I love that you can clean out the fridge as long as you have eggs and cheese on hand.

  5. Thank you, that song is now in my head and will not go away. My daughter has requested eggs for a meal about three days running, so tomorrow I shall make this quiche. Perhaps the horse song will leave me then. Or not.

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