The Random Day You’ve All Been Waiting For

1. Imagine the look I received from Neil this morning while standing on the curb in my flip- flops, Life Is Good jammie pants, hot pink ball cap and the Wonder Hub’s fleece, scraping car windows.

He didn’t look the least bit surprised by my wardrobe. For Neil, it was just another day. Mercifully, he pulled over and opened a door for the Monkey. I dropped the scraper, did a fist-pump, and high-tailed it inside.

2. I had A LOT to do today. My workload was increased by:

a) the fact that I completely slacked yesterday. (But, man, is my Pinterest coming along nicely!)
b) the fact that there is suddenly an unscheduled trip down south to get the college boy for the weekend. (Yay!)
c) the fact that the Wonder Hub is taking leave tomorrow. (Wonder Hub home = house projects)

3. I got up this morning completely, absolutely, resolutely determined to conquer. After Neil relieved me of my Monkey, I turned on the computer and, resisting the call of social media, began writing. I had two projects to finish in addition to this blog post. In my wee little pea brain, I determined that I would finish the big project first, walk the dog and then take a shower before Debbie (who happens to be Neil’s wife) came over at 11:00 for some editing help.

I wrote. I wrote like the wind. I wrote well. Words and phrases were pouring from me like coffee from a freshly brewed carafe. I was on fire, people, and it felt good.

4. The doorbell rang. Crap! It was 11:00!

I hit ‘save’ on just under 1,000 gorgeously (if I do say so myself) crafted words and walked to the door…in my flip-flops, Life Is Good jammie pants, hot pink ball cap and the Wonder Hub’s fleece. I smiled at Debbie, who smiled back and did not look the least bit surprised.

5. While I began the editing process, Debbie applied color to my hair with gloved hands. When the timer beeped, I ran upstairs and hopped in the shower.

Seriously. My multi-tasking skills are epic, people. EPIC.

6. Ten minutes later, I was in my yoga pants and back downstairs, ready to resume editing. When I closed the door behind Debbie, I glanced at the clock and realized I had exactly eight minutes to drive twelve miles to the salon. As I reached for keys my eyes swept across the hall mirror and saw…Loreal Light Natural Blond #9 standing straight up from every inch of my head. I violently sucked air and grabbed the forgotten tube of conditioner from the kitchen counter. After squeezing a blob into my hand, smearing it around my head, and grabbing the hot pink ball cap, I raced to the car.

I opened the door to salon and found,

Liz the Hairdresser. She looked up from her magazine, smiled sweetly and raised a single, perfectly shaped eyebrow.

7. But she did not look the least bit surprised.

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    • Mine are wearing out, and it breaks my heart. I know I can get more, but these are like an old friend. We have traveled so many miles together..

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