Random….Uh, What Day Is It?

1. I started to write the Random post yesterday, got halfway through, realized it was Wednesday and that the number 1 Random thought was a post-length yammering about Ernest Hemingway..

2. I started to tell you about how I was sitting in front of the nail salon and received a text from Charlotte, informing me that she was stalking me and asking me what I was picking up at Safeway. I paused for a second and debated answering honestly before answering honestly.

“I was headed to the nail salon, spaced out, and somehow ended up at Safeway.”

I would venture a guess that she wasn’t surprised.

3. My friend Tamara brought her awesome kids over yesterday. She came to hang out, to take them to the pool, to have dinner, and to help me figure out how to change the font of “Karen Writes” at the top of this blog.

We never did figure that out. Every single avenue we tried became a twisted rabbit trail of confusion, and we finally gave up.  I felt bad*, because the boring font is really bothering her.

I, um, hadn’t noticed.

4. I love to hang out with Tam. She brought some gluten-free noodles for us to try. We decided to use them to make Ree’s Simple Sesame Noodles, which are a big hit here. We decided to walk with Molly to the store to buy some chicken, and some gluten-free soy sauce. As we we leaving the yard I realized we had forgotten the Molly part of that equation, and went in to get her. About halfway to the store I realized that I had forgotten the money part of the equation. Tam had a ten in her pocket, but that meant no gluten-free soy sauce. She said it was no problem, we could just reserve a portion of the cooked noodles for her gluten-free eater.

5. You know where this is headed, right?

6. This has been a particularly bad memory week for me. It all makes for good blogging, but not so much for a good life. I told my sissy on the phone today that I need a handler.  Not a secretary, not even a babysitter. A handler.

7. The advertisement (say it like you’re British, it’s cooler that way) might look like this:

Seeking: One handler. Must be efficient, exceedingly organized, and posses a saint-like patience. Duties to include: programming BlackBerry, adding music to iPod, fixing fonts and other annoying technical issues. Must be able to juggle life-events and chase after dropped balls. Responsible for items including but not limited to: making and keeping appointments, school physicals, lunch accounts, to-do lists, and various and sundry life details. Will be solely responsible for overseeing faulty memory of your ward.

Compensation comes in the form of good conversation, endless entertainment, and home baked goods.

8. Beth Moore said, “Dude,” in the video portion of my Tuesday morning Bible study. I do believe that my love for her is now complete.





*Grammar note: you feel bad, not badly.  Trust me on this.

13 thoughts on “Random….Uh, What Day Is It?

  1. Ha ha! I love it! I made my whole bible study group laugh when trying to relate to a serious, heart felt moment I emphasized with “Dude!”. You can’t humiliate a humble person, right?

    Also, for the memory, try Lecithin. It comes in powder and caplets. You should see results within a week of starting it. It is inexpensive and I was able to find it at our commissary which means it should be easily found ANYwhere else.

  2. It has occurred to me that there are pills to help with memory. Since you’ll forget, I’ll mention them to Trevor. 😉

    You need font as lovely you and your blog. It simply must match. :)

  3. you don’t need pills or potions for your memory buddy. you need a deep breath, a piece of paper and a pencil. write stuff down. cross it off. try not to get distracted by shiny objects. and remember we love you for being perfectly imperfect.

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